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RE 2023 1 probid energy

Grid-scale energy storage

Hithium launches 5MWh energy storage container solution

Lithium-ion and energy storage system (ESS) manufacturer Hithium announced a new 5MWh solution contained within a standard 20 foot container, its ESS 2.0. It will contain 48 battery modules using Hithium’s new 314 Ah lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells.

The compact design gives it an energy density of 117Wh/l, 46% higher than the 80Wh/l seen in most standard systems using 280 Ah cells, Hithium claimed.

Sunwoda launches 4.17MWh/5MWh BESS

Competitor Sunwoda launched its own similar BESS product, the NoahX 2.0, also using 314Ah cells it manufactures. It said the system achieves 4.17MWh/5MWh energy storage capacity in a 20 foot container.

The company said the new product adopts an “LFP + Graphite” system and an olivine crystal structure, which it claimed ensures “unparalleled” safety with a double insulation design that remains effective even when immersed in seawater.

Residential energy storage

The event saw a residential energy storage system product launche from PV module and grid-scale BESS company Canadian Solar.

Similar launches were announced by module-level power electronics firm APSystems, two-wheeled mobility specialist Segway Ninebot, home energy solutions company PointGuard Energy and solar hardware and software solution firm Tigo Energy.

Other product types

Power Edison launches mobile BESS

Developer Power Edison unveiled its mobile BESS solution, the TerraCharge platform. The architecture of the new platform separates the battery trailers from Power Conversion System (PCS) trailers, providing maximum flexibility and modularity, it said.

The PCS trailers house essential equipment, such as inverters, transformers, switchgear, and control equipment, enabling seamless connection to various voltage classes, while also coming equipped with an optional robotic mast which can reach 30 feet into the air.

Second life firm Smartville Inc unveils latest product

California-based Smartville has unveiled its Smartville 360 BESS, which uses second life EV batteries from multiple automotive OEMs. The firm claims its product is “the most sustainable energy storage solution on the market today”.

The BESS features a configurable building-block design starting at 360kWh of capacity which can be combined to meet any commercial, industrial and utility-scale application, the firm added.