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Electrification is the new buzz word when homeowners are looking at upgrading appliances, HVAC systems and  hot water heaters.  Heat Pumps, Induction stoves, Roof top solar and backup battery management systems are a big part of this conversion

Unfortunately, we do not control the price we pay for our electricity, it’s like having a monthly budget but no expense control for our electricity or gas.  One catastrophe in Texas effected homeowners across the country with increased natural gas prices.  Now is the time for homeowners to take control of their energy use and manage the energy they produce.

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Electrifying your home has become less complicated and more accepted across the country.  As energy rates increase roof top solar plays a large part in helping homeowners take control and save money.

Pro Bid Energy takes a whole home approach in helping you make the decision to move forward and electrify your home.  The efficiency and productivity of these systems have advanced tremendously in last 10 years.  Feel free to request a quote or schedule a meeting with one of our advisors.

Other Services

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New Home Installation

Are you in the process of constructing your dream home and need the perfect solar installation? Get a quote from Pro Bid.

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Detach and Reset

If your roof below a solar installation needs work done, Prod Bid offers detaching and resetting services.

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Existing Solar Service

Do you need repairs or maintenance on your current solar array? Pro Bid offers services on existing installations